Professional Glass Washing Technology

Our products are innovative, economical and ecological too. Dishcount Leasing is offering one of the best commercial glass washers on the lease. We provide our clients the latest and innovative commercial dishwashing technology that reduces resource consumption and protects the environment as well.

We offer you professional glass washing technology in the areas of:


•    Hotel and restaurant industry

•    Institutional Catering

•    Bakeries

•    Butcher's shops

•    Global Marine

•    Airline Catering

We are one of the most reputed dealers and distributors of glass washer machines and equipment in New York. We are prime and leading distributors of commercial glass washers in the area. Currently, we are supplying commercial glass washers on lease to several businesses such as restaurants and bars in San Antonio. We offer full support with our 24/7 available network of service staff and partners. Whether you need our advice or training, inspections or repairs, we are right here to help. Dishcount Leasing services ensure fast, professional assistance to its valuable clients, tailored to your requirements.

We are now offering Commercial glass washer lease program in the New York and San Antonio.  The commercial dishwasher & glass washer lease program includes a wide selection of quality dishwashers, for instance, under-the-counter dishwashers; single or double rack glass washers, high or low-temperature dishwashing machines and pot and pan washing dishwashers.

We also offer FREE installation of the dishwasher machines, and FREE maintenance service can also be scheduled. Our service staff is available for emergency situations and helps you on machine malfunction issues.

Businesses Access to Latest Cleaning Technology

For small to medium size businesses, it’s more beneficial to lease commercial dishwashing equipment rather than buying an expensive dishwasher machines with a limited budget. A company’s in use budget can be used rather than its capital budget. By availing our commercial glass washer lease plan, a small to medium size company can easily overcome its cash flow concerns. We offer a range of planned and tailored packages to meet any budget requirements and satisfy the needs of any company. No fluctuations in interest rates as the monthly lease is fixed and no hidden charges for the monthly lease term.

Once you lease our commercial dishwasher equipment, we offer you following options at the end of lease period:

•    You can continue to utilize the equipment on a lease for less monthly fee

•    You can return the dishwasher equipment without any penalty

•    You can also upgrade to new dishwashing machines.

•    You can replace the old equipment with new one.