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Benefits of Lease-to-Own

Restaurant Kitchen

Leasing to own your restaurant equipment offers flexibility and savings. You get to choose exactly the equipment that meets your needs and you’re not making payments forever. Once the lease is paid off, typically in less than five years, the payments end and your profits go up.


  • 100% Tax Write Off
  • You Own it from Day 1
  • You Can Choose Chemical Company

Indefinite Renting

  • Zero Tax Savings
  • You’re paying off for the other company
  • Locked into company’s Chemicals

Checkout these Lease to Own vs Rent Dishwasher Savings

  • Low Temp Upright Machine

  • High Temp Upright Machine

  • Low Temp Undercounter Machine

  • High Temp Undercounter Machine

  • Double Rack Low Temp Upright Machine

Lease to Own your Appliances Today! Protect your capital, invest in your business and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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