Flight Machine (High Temperature)

Dishwasher Model # LoH2O FLIGHT MACHINE

• Uses 58 gallons (219.5 liters) of water per hour with sanitizing hot water rinse • All tanks and hoods constructed from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel with a No. 3 finish and heliarced welded • Stainless steel frame, legs and feet • Two tank rackless conveyor shall have a maximum capacity of 11,094 dishes per hour at a belt speed of 6.7 (2.0 M) feet per minute. At 5.3 feet (1.6 M) per minute capacity will be 8,772 dishes per hour • Belt width of 29" (737 mm) and a maximum clearance of 25" (635 mm) throughout the machine • Rear enclosure panels, hood and doors are stainless steel and double-wall insulated to reduce heat dissipation, outside surface temperatures, and noise pollution • Insulated access doors for easy access, cleaning and servicing • Sloped tank(s) design to increase visibility and accessibility for cleaning as well as ensure complete tank draining • Heated power rinse zone uses fresh rinse water a second time to provide pristine results • Exclusive Rainbow Rinse features an arched, removable upper rinse arm that provides superior rinse action while reducing water usage • A sequential digital temperature readout of each tank housed in the door of the electrical control panel. The readouts will constantly display the temperature of the pre-wash, wash, power rinse and final rinse in 5 second intervals • A ball valve in the drain line of each tank and interconnected to a common machine drain connection at the load end of the machine • Each tank will be automatically filled and maintained by a dual water level float. Water will be automatically added to the machine when required • Block manifold wash arms are easy to remove, clean, and replace with nonclogging convex wash arm jets • Large, removable scrap screens • Pre-wash includes a deep-well removable scrap basket in addition to a large removable scrap screen • Self draining stainless steel pumps, impellers, and housings are readily accessible and serviceable • Service access from front of machine • Conveyor belt drive operates at two speeds and is protected by an overload safety device and an automatic shut-down actuator • Each door is equipped with a safety switch. If a door is opened during operation the switch will immediately shut down the pumps and belt • Operator activated start-stop switches on both the load and unload ends and the control panel • Belt tension adjustment • Removable insulated panels to enclose the unit down to the base frame on both the front and rear of the machine • A single, built-in 18" (457mm) diameter indirect vent connection with a 0.19 hp exhaust fan mounted in a cleanable cross duct on the machine for condensate removal and indirect vent connection • 3" minimum wall clearance

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